Sue is a qualified chef with over 20 years of experience working in London restaurants who learnt the art of chocolate making under the direction of master chocolatier Paul A. Young.

Sue moved to Perth in 2011 after falling in love with the climate and the people, and she set about establishing her own business in her adopted city. She continued working in restaurants whilst building the business, initially selling her chocolates at the Subiaco Farmers Market. Sue’s products rapidly gained popularity and she developed a strong following until finally, she was able to open her own working studio and shop in Subiaco which was named as one of the top 8 chocolate shops in the world by British Airways High Life Magazine.

Sue creates fresh handmade chocolates using the world’s finest covertures blended with local, seasonal, often organic produce. Unlike other chocolates, Sue’s creations contain no preservatives and are lower in sugar.

Sue is committed to producing chocolates that reflect her values:

Fine, sustainable, and ethically sourced chocolate

Local ingredients that support local producers

Promotion of small batch, single origin chocolate

Rocky Road


Couverture Chocolate, can be any combination of milk & dark chocolate to taste. 300g

Mixture of Cranberries, Sandalwood Nuts, Freeze-dried Raspberries & Marshmallows. 1 handful


1.Melt chocolate slowly in a heatproof bowl over simmering water until silky smooth.

2. Scatter fruits, nuts & marshmallow on a lined baking tray & pour over melted chocolate

3. Leave the tray at room temperature and just before the chocolate sets cut into squares.