Sandalwood Nuts Company New Product Launch

On Wednesday 9 October, The Sandalwood Nut Company launched its new product line at Whipper Snapper Distillery.


The event was supported by WA Minister for Regional Development; Agriculture and Food – The Hon Alannah MacTiernan and WA Food Ambassador, Don Hancey. 

We at the Sandalwood Nut Company have pioneered and innovated the way the Sandalwood nuts are treated and manufactured, increasing its shelf life, and then make them edible as a snack on its own or paired with other foods and drinks with new flavourings of:

  • Miso Tamari- the passport to Japan via ancient WA
  • Shichimi – the Louis Vuitton of seasoning
  • Japanese Curry – the comfort food, and 
  • Praline and Nougat- the flavour bomb

Our next step in elevating the Sandalwood Nut as an Australian food icon is to launch this new nuts line to the eastern states, then Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. 

“I want to share my passion and innovation for this magical Australian bush food – which I describe as ‘The Truffle of the Nut World’ – with an untapped global market that I strongly believe will enjoy its unique and delicious flavours, rare health benefits and exotic, only found in WA status,” said Yuko Fukagawa, Managing Director of the Sandalwood Nut Company. 

To get your hands on the new flavours of Sandalwood Nut, you can purchase them in our online store or visit the Maalinup Gallery in the Swan Valley. 

To view all of the photos from the night please download them from our photo file.