Being in the industry for 30 years this July makes me one of the old rabbits, as we Germans say.

I started my culinary career in a small hotel and restaurant in northern Germany in 1986 with a 3-year apprentice ship as a chef. Good home cooked food was always important for me, as my mum is probably one of the most gifted cooks I came across in my career without being bias. She boxed out the most amazing dishes with sometimes only minimal ingredients. Both my parents were passionate gardeners with an enormous veggie patch, fruits, flowers, herbs and rabbits to fill the families stomachs with on a super seasonal base. Remembering vividly myself foraging through the garden in early spring and breaking up rhubarb stalks from the plant and dipping it into sugar to sweet sour consume the plant on the spot…

Anyway, the culinary base was set during my apprenticeship were 4 head chefs in 3 years hammer their knowledge into my brain. Thank god, I was responsive.

My food journey brought me to Hamburg, London, Zurich, Sydney and since 2009 Perth, to explore the wonderland of Australian Foods and in particular the West Australian. Banging pots and pans in two busy venues in the past 6 years and now training cookery students at a renowned Culinary College, the curiosity for local sourced products never stops. The philosophy that foods fuel and feed the body is very important to me and the more local and naturally we consume these foods the more our body benefit from it.