Our Story

The Sandalwood Nut Company was founded by Yuko Fukagawa. Yuko’s background involves client liaison, business development, management, finance and sales. She immigrated to Australia in 2012 and through different and unique culinary experiences began her cultural education of all things Australian. Yuko came across the sandalwood nut in one of her dining explorations where the chef used them as a garnish on a dessert. She became curious and started researching the history and nutrition of the nut in Australia.

The Sandalwood Nut Company was born. She has been involved with the development of the products from start to finish and Yuko now wants to share her passion for this exceptional Australian nut with the world.

Our Sandalwood Nut Flavours

Sandalwood Nuts

Miso Tamari

Sandalwood Nuts


Sandalwood Nuts

Japanese Curry

Our Chefs

Kiren Mainwaring

Co-Op Dining

Paul “Yoda” Iskov


Sue Lewis


Rainer Konstanty

Culinary Chef Instructor